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Florence Lorraine Worley?

Over 25 years of experience

Opera and Classical Teaching including Bel Canto

Musical Theatre and Popular Music

Coaching for auditions

Vocal production specialist

Specific Resonance Training & Breathing Technics for all Genres

Prepares students for grades and diplomas with leading examination boards

Enhanced CRB Checked

ISM registered Private Teacher Status

Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS)
British Voice Association Member (BVA)
Coaching Association

Highly skilled in teaching sight reading and aural skills for grade examinations and auditions

MA. in Professional Practice P.G. Cert. in Applied Professional Practice Vocal Pedagogy and LRSM (performance)

Member of Voice Geek Groups: Research & up to Date Information

Proficient in teaching music

Highly experienced in voice pedagogy with over 25 years’ experience

Florence Lorraine Worley was trained as a choral scholar in Leicester and later as a classical soprano and sang as a professional singer for over 30 years.

Her experience includes many genres, including early music, choral, recitals, opera, musical theatre and pop.

Much of her work incorporates care of the voice, especially with developing young voices.

Recently she has gained two of the most prestigious degrees in vocal pedagogy under the direction of Debbie Winter of Voice Workshop. This, aligned with her studies in songbird research has led her to innovative and evidence-based approaches regarding how the singing brain operates.

Her work is new and refreshing while still connected to the tried and tested old historical pedagogy.

She was awarded a distinction on her research into the ‘language of vowels’.

To find out how she can help your singing voice…

Lorraine's students

Take a listen

Charlotte Fortune sings Somewhere That's Green, Little Shop Of Horrors (all taught by Lorraine)


Stacey Stockden's Mezzo Soprano Show Reel

Just a few


Zara A
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Thank you for being a one of a kind singing teacher and helping me become more confident!
Lorraine Worley: singing teacher extraordinaire
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I first met, or rather heard Lorraine at a musical party almost half my lifetime ago! Her voice was pure, honey-smooth and enchanting. I remember saying, “if you can teach me to sing like you, I’d love to try some lessons”!

Lorraine has a mine of teaching experience, grounded in anything from earthy human stories to esoteric neuropsychological research with birdsong (and everything else) in between. She listens with respect to her pupils’ hopes, wishes - and fears - as well as to their voices. Then she delves into her experience to unearth a back-story to clarify and agree with the pupil the most useful target for the occasion, while simultaneously devising, applying and justifying a method to move towards it.

You might find yourself benefitting from synesthesia, blending smooth colours with your voice on the practice-room wall or perhaps from singing from a space hopper, while trying to take your feet off the floor! Fun and laughter is allowed but there is however, no slacking. You are just as likely to benefit from practising the latest American singing exercises, clarified by anatomical charts and underpinned by research.

Each lesson is different, spiced with joy, empowering and re-energising ones love of singing.
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Dear Lorraine,

Thank you for being such an excellent teacher. I am so lucky to have had you all these years, and I hope to make you proud in years to come.

Loads of love
Bryony xxx
Mother of student
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We loved her Grade 7 pieces and must thank you for the significant progress she made with her voice.
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To Mrs Worley

Thank you for all the help and support over the past 7 years. Gaining my grade 8 has been a major achievement in my life and without your encouragement I might not have achieved this, so thanks again.

All the best in the future.
Beth x
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We really enjoyed hearing your love of Esperanza Spalding and jazz music generally. You certainly connect with your singing passionately and music seems to mean a lot to you. You have a round and resonant voice. You also sing with a lovely sense of freedom...
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Hi Lorraine, I hope you're keeping well through all of this! I just wanted to tell you a little story that happened recently and say thank you....I don't know if you remember but when I was in 6th form you gave me a Handel aria, ah spietato to work on. Well, all this time later it's now back in my audition package. I actually presented it along with my other arias for a mainstage audition at the opera house in Copenhagen just before Christmas! The seeds you planted all that time ago came to fruition and it was such an empowering feeling going into the audition that this was music I had been living with for a decade thanks to you!! THANK YOU. It's all feeling so gloomy right now but the music lives on and inspires and continues to do so and I owe so much to those formative years with you.
Ethan O’Riley Bennett
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Dear Lorraine,

I just wanted to say a personal Thank you for all your kind support in helping me develop as a musician.

I’ve really appreciated our lessons and I’m taking forward some of the skills I’ve learned to push myself now at University.
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Working with Lorraine over the last couple of years has not only enabled me to overcome certain vocal difficulties (which is what lead me to her in the first place), but it has also given me a far greater understanding of my potential as a singer, and a vocal practitioner.

My range and flexibility has increased, as has my confidence and knowledge of my instrument. As an actress these skills are invaluable, and will hold me in good stead as I progress with my career. But most of all, I enjoy singing more than I ever have done, and I thank Lorraine for that.

All the best,

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Dear Miss Worley,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past 9 years. I have grown so much through both lessons and in the choir. Thank you for all the incredible experiences that I will never forget and for all the invaluable knowledge you have passed onto me, I am so excited to go to uni and continue to learn. I'm sure we will stay in touch and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.
Anna Lalande
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Dear Lorraine,

I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to send a quick card to thank you for all you taught me before I went to university. I have just graduated from Royal Holloway with a 2:1 Honours degree, achieving 1st class grades in both my solo vocal performance and dissertation (which explored the adolescent voice change and its impact on youth identity).

Your training and care inspired me to look more into these areas, and thanks to this, I have just been accepted to study on MMus in musicology and Ethnomusicology at King’s College London.

I still love my choral singing and currently hold an alto choral scholarship at the London Youth Choir, and also volunteer for a communication and special needs choir who are teaching me Makaton.

I would love to stay more in contact, I couldn’t have done this without you.

Thank you, Anna Lalande x
Line Manager
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Lorraine you were fantastic today – you really injected life into the Zakhele Group and ours too! Thank you so much
Charlotte Fortune
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I highly recommend Lorraine to anyone who is asking for a singing teacher but of course know that with Lorraine Worley you get so much more!
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Dear Mrs Worley

Just a note and some rather pretty candles to say thank you. Singing has, thanks to you, become such a massive part of my life. I don’t know how I survived without it. I’ll come back and visit!

Thanks again,
Rowan xx
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I found Lorraine on the web when searching for a local teacher for my daughter and immediately was drawn to contacting her due to all her experience.

On speaking to her, straight away I knew she was the right person; Lorraine still had the love and enthusiasm in her profession proved by the fact she was finishing studying for her MA. With all her teaching and help this led to a very high grade 8 exam result.

Thank you so much and all the very best for the future.


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